Murshidabad Heritage and Academic Tour : Sonarundi Banwaribad Rajbari

This is we are going to explore Sonarundi Banwaribad Rajbari along with terracota temples at Kaagram and the very signature of Shri Chaitanyadeva on an old manuscript kept at Bharatpur. Lets touch the heritage and feel the pride to be a part of history.


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A Visit to Historic Lalgola

As a part of much anticipated Murshidabad Heritage and Academic Tour, this time we are going to visit Lalgola, a site of unwrapped historical values. Come and be a part of this engaging tour. Details are in the poster...


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Murshidabad Heritage and Academic Tour

For the promotion of tourism through history, raising awareness of history in the public through heritage tours, education and entertainment through historical tours and accurate and research history, Murshidabad Zilla Itihas o Sanskriti Charcha Kendra ha

In the tour we cover from Murshidabad's Khosbag burial ground to Azimganj's Baranagar Charbangla terracotta architecture, all important historical places of that route. This is a thrilling historical journey of a different kind.


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